Annual sale - Green Triangle  Females

                         Offering  2 Stud & 25 Heifers 

 The Fabris family would like to welcome you to our 11th annual sale        
   being the Green Triangle Murray Grey Sale held on                                                Wednesday 31st March, at Arki Property.
Arki & Beeamma presented 26 Bulls, 5 Stud Heifers & 55 Commercial
                                              Females for a sale. ​
  Beeamma has on offering of 2 Stud heifers & 25 Commercial Heifers 
                                                PTIC or calf at foot . ​
       For More Information Contact Denise Fabris on 0407 566 341

   Thank you to all the purchase's, we sold 100% of the heifers.
                          Studs Topped at $3500
                     Commercial topped at $3100
                                    A great result